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Spa at home

You've already gone on vacation and you have to go back to the stressing routine. Are you hoping to enjoy your holidays soon? Either ways, you deserve to relax once in a while, don’t you?
 Look for a couple of hours a week and make it a special moment at home. Here are some tips to prepare a spa at home…Lets start!

  Fill up the tub with warm water. Turn off the lights and light on some candles. Switch on music a waterfall, a storm sea ... A relaxing sound for the ritual. For one bath, pour 20ml (3 to 4 filled tops) into water. You can try one of the 3 essential oils from Pranarom, 100% pure, 100% natural, no foam, with noble vegetable argan oil and rose hip.They will soften and moisturize your skin during and after the bath.
Which is you favorite one?
  -Bio Eucalyptus: Freshness and vitality .The essential oils of mandravasarotra and eucalyptus, known to ease the respiratory tract and with noble vegetable oils (argan, rosehip) which feed, moisturize and soften the skin. 
-Bio Lemon, Cedar: Slender and tonic figure. The lemon, Atlas cedarwood and rock samphire, known to support blood circulation and to refine the silhouette.   
-Bio Rosewood: Passion and sensual delights. The natural essential oils of rosewood, nard and frankincense, source of passion, sensual delight and well-being.
Essencial oils
Now you have to take care of our body, cause our mind is being transported to the Indian garden of Bengal  due to the fabulous effects of the R&G Rose liquid soap .  For her & for him. Rose, scented creme soap enriched with shea butter. This Liquid Soap is saponified using the traditional cauldron method used for Roget&Gallet round soap. It is formulated on a pure plant basis, no sulphates and no parabens. It can be used on the body and hands.
Liquid soap 250ml
After this step, we continue with the experience of our spa at home. Our skin needs a peeling, we use Caudalie´s Divine Scrub. This scrub is your beauty secret to divinely soft and delicately scented skin thanks to its brown sugar crystals and 4 exceptional plant oils (grape, argan, hibiscus and sesame). It´s formula contains 97% natural origin. Apply twice a week to damp skin and then rinse.  Free of paraben, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, animal ingredients and sodium laureth sulfate.
Divine Scrub 150g

Once the body is prepared, continue with the face! The Greek brand Apivita helps us to clean our visage with Express Beauty Intensive Exfoliating cream with olive. Ideal for normal, oily and combination skin. The Express Beauty Intensive Exfoliating Cream has a rich formula and contains 89% natural ingredients with Olive seed powder, grape seed and apricot. The grape seed and apricot oils,  exfoliates the skin, leaving it incredibly soft and renewed and the Olive seeds help to remove dead skin cells and deeply cleanse pores. Apivita replaces water  in the express beauty line with green tea infusion to enhance the antioxidant action. The Exfoliating cream doesn´t include synthetic ingredients that may pose harmful effects to your health and the environment.
Free of: Parabens, Silicones and Propylene Glycol Gently .Use this cream making a massage into cleansed face skin, avoiding the eye area and rinse well with water after 5-10mins. Use it 1-2 times weekly or as often as needed. You can use one pack of cream for two occasions.
Express bauty with olive
After a long day standing up, working, gym… the legs are painfull .  In those situations you can use the Weleda´s Skin tone lotion. It is an anthroposophic medicine that brings together a number of well known ingredients to refresh and revitalise tired legs. Arnica is obviously a key ingredients in the product, to help relieve pain and swelling and to ease tired muscles. This is combined with copper, in the form of Copper Sulphate, which is well known for its effects on the muscles, for instance in the case of rheumatism. Lemon tincture and lemon oil together with Witch Hazel are used for their astringent cooling properties, while Iris brings moisture balance to legs and Prunus helps with recovery. The ingredients stimulate blood flow, helping to remove toxins from the legs. The ingredients are combined in a light gel, which is easy to apply, non-greasy and gives immediate cooling relief, helping to reduce itching. Massage lightly into the skin and allow to dry . Do not apply to broken skin.If you do it daily, after shower, your day will be ... less heavier.

Skin Tone Lotion
Have you been immersed in the voice of the music, the light, the fragrance? Fill the tub and start enjoying your SPA.


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